Form-wound coils for high frequency motors
N3-X concept plane with superconducting motors
High field superconducting machine
High speed, high frequency machines
Superconducting coil assembly

About Us



Our group is focused on advanced electro-mechanical energy conversion technologies. A key thrust is increased power density of electrical machines and drives for applications such as electric aircraft and offshore wind turbines. Most projects are interdisciplinary and highly collaborative. The team works within the Grainger Center for Electrical Machines and Electromechanics, and other related groups including the Power Affiliates Program and P.O.E.T.S. Engineering Research Center.

With support from NASA, the team is exploring technologies that can enable an order-of-magnitude increase in some of the most basic parameters in machine design like air gap flux density (from ~1T to 3-10T) and fundamental frequency (from 400Hz to 3-10kHz). The former is achieved with superconducting magnets and the latter with air-core, high frequency coils driven with inverters using wide-band-gap switches.

The group is active in the IEEE Power & Energy Society’s Electric Machinery Committee and the IEEE Transportation Electrification Community.