Undergraduate Students

Sania Huq

Email saniah2@nospam66742de48a20b.illinois.edu
Short Biography Sania is an undergrad research assistant pursuing a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering. She's interested in green, clean, and renewable energy which reflects in her work with electrical machines and cryocoolers.

Omkar Kulkarni

Email onk2@nospam66742de48b544.illinois.edu
Short Biography Omkar is an undergraduate research assistant pursuing a bachelor's in electrical engineering. He has conducted research related to insulation reliability, MLI under compression, and cryogenics for electric machines. Other interests include electric transportation and power electronics.

Cameron Little

Short Biography Cameron is an undergraduate research assistant majoring in Electrical Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is expected to graduate in May 2025. He is interested in thermal management of power electronics and electric machines, as well as renewable energy.

Luigi Passerotti

Email luigis2@nospam66742de48f91b.illinois.edu
Short Biography Luigi is a second-year Mechanical Engineering student working as an undergraduate research assistant. He has collaborated on research related to development of electrical machines, cryocoolers, and handheld MRI systems.

Sean Uan-Zo-li

Email uanzoli2@nospam66742de4919e4.illinois.edu
Short Biography Sean Uan-Zo-li is an undergraduate research assistant in aerospace engineering. He focuses on electric airplane propulsion, specifically on cryogenic cooling methods. His contributions include conducting experiments with superconducting coils and flow boiling to evaluate their effectiveness in cooling electric motors.

Yiming (Tim) Zhao

Email yiming14@nospam66742de492bd4.illinois.edu
Short Biography Yiming (Tim) Zhao is an undergraduate research assistant majoring in computer engineering. He is interested in superconducting machines and has participated in research related to this field, such as measuring AC Losses in superconducting cables and the rotating cryocooler project.